How the Best Vineyards in Napa Work

The best vineyards of Napa Valley

Best vineyards in Napa in St. Helena, CA

Soon, the harvests will be over in the best vineyards in Napa. Some of them harvest using machines, while others harvest the grapes by hand. Harvesting the grapes by hand means fewer of them are bruised or damaged in the process. The best vineyards of Napa Valley match different varieties of grape to their particular soil and microclimate to create wines of unique and exquisite aroma and flavor and rich, smooth mouthfeel. There are about 400 wineries in the valley.

In the coolest parts of the valley, the best vineyards of Napa grow Pinot Noir and Merlot grapes. The hardy Cabernet Sauvignon grapes can grow in any part of the valley, but they yield better wines in some areas than in others. The winemakers taste the grapes every now and then during the ripening process in order to make sure they harvest them at precisely the right time, when the grapes are ripe-tasting but don’t contain too much sugar.

The best vineyards in Napa have tasting rooms where the best of their wines can be tried for a fee, paired with the finest dishes. Bigger vineyards schedule tours, and you can usually tour the smaller ones by appointment. There you have a much better chance of talking to the owner, or at least someone who does some of the work there. The best time to visit is this time of year or in the spring.

One of the best vineyards in Napa is near St. Helena

Anderson’s Conn Valley Vineyards in Napa Valley, a 10-minute drive from downtown St. Helena, is one of the best vineyards in the Napa Valley area. Their Cabernet Sauvignon and Bordeaux blends are widely regarded as among the best wines in Napa. Their Pinot Noir, Sauvignon Blanc and non-malolactic Chardonnay of this vineyard also have a cult following. It holds tastings in its barrel caves, where current releases and library wines may be sampled and visitors can learn all about the process of making and storing the wine. Cave tastings are $65, but one tasting fee can be waived by joining their wine club or making a $100 purchase.

Anderson’s Conn Valley Vineyards produces world-class wines at affordable prices, including the 2011 Èloge. 2011 was a wet and cool year, with a lower yield but particularly high quality. The Èloge shows this quality with its aroma and taste of dark fruit, licorice, spice, cigar box, coffee and hints of violet perfume. This will be a wine to cherish for thirty years or more. Anderson’s wines are sold online and in five locations in Napa Valley, and many other locations nationwide. Join their wine club and order a bottle today.