Frequently Asked Questions

1. How many Club shipments do I get each year?
There are 3 Club Shipments each year… February, May and October.
2. What is my Club Membership commitment?
Your commitment is 3 Consecutive Club shipments.
3. How will I know about my upcoming Club shipments?
We send three emails prior to processing; the first one is sent 2 weeks before to announce your Club shipment, the second is a 3 day reminder, and the third email is a “last day to make changes” notice.
4. Can I customize my Club shipment?
Our 6 and 12 Bottle Clubs and Aurum Society are customizable from the list of additional Club wines offered. 3 Bottle Clubs are NOT customizable, however upgrades will be honored from the list of additional wines offered. Please call the winery at 707.963.8600 or email [email protected] with your request; these orders will be processed immediately, however they will still ship on the designated Club Ship day, unless other arrangements are requested.
5. Do I have to sign for my wine shipment?
Yes, this is a Federal law; you must be 21 years of age or older to receive the shipment. There are NO EXCEPTIONS!
6. Can I ship my Club or an order to a family member, friend, or office?
Absolutely! Please provide us with the detailed information (name, address and phone number) PRIOR to processing date; you are welcome to note this on your Club account or order form, email [email protected] or call the winery at 707.963.8600. Recipients must be 21 years of age or older!
7. Can I ship to a UPS or FEDEX Store?
Absolutely… this is encouraged when there won’t be someone home to sign for the package! You can note this on your Club account or order form, email [email protected] or call the winery at 707.963.8600. We must have this information PRIOR to processing any order!
8. What is the Club cancellation fee?
Cancellation prior to committed 3 consecutive shipments is $500. Cancellation for Active Club members with a minimum of 3 consecutive Club orders is $0.
9. Do you ship everywhere?
We ship to all of the United States, except Mississippi and Utah.
10. Do you ship internationally?
Yes, wherever allowed! Customers and Club members are responsible for shipping fees, insurance, and any additional taxes and/or import fees.
11. Can I pick up my Club order?
Yes, within (60) days of the Club shipping date; please call the winery to make arrangements.
12. What happens if I can’t pick up my Club order on time?
After (60) days, we will charge shipping to your account and wine will be shipped to the address on file in your account.
13. What is the average price of my Club shipment?
*3 Bottle Club $335-$385, not including taxes, shipping or upgraded orders.
6 Bottle Club, 12 Bottle Club and Aurum Society are customizable and cost depends on wines available.

*Prices are subject to change without notice.
14. Can you ship my Club order early?
Yes, as long as all wines are available at fulfillment.
15. Can you ship my Club order later?
Yes! If you are on vacation or out of town and would prefer a later shipping date, please communicate the best shipping date PRIOR to processing. You can note this on your account, call us at 707.963.8600 or email us at [email protected]
16. Does my Club discount apply to reds and whites?
Yes! Whether you are in a Red Only or Mixed Club, your discount applies to all wines available with rare exceptions.
17. Is wine returnable?
Once an order is processed, wine is not returnable!
18. What happens if my order is returned?
If your order is returned, the wine will be held at fulfillment for 60 days and customers will be notified. It is the responsibility of the customer to notify us of the best reship date; the customer is responsible for all Return and Reship fees which will be charged before the shipment is resent.