About Us

Four generations of Andersons have worked on the Anderson’s Conn Valley Vineyards property to grow the finest Cabernet fruit and to bring out the best expression of the land’s truly unique terroir. Todd Anderson has managed the process from the first day to the present and developed an innate knowledge of the property’s capacity to produce grapes with an ideal physiological ripeness. Todd and his family have produced prodigious wines of elegance, balance and graceful power for three decades. “You can have perfect acid, sugar, and pH and you’re still not going to make a great wine. You really need that physiological ripeness that everybody talks about – that, and a true sense of balance,” Todd says.

This land provides a great foundation, as it’s no secret the vineyards of the Napa Valley owe their success to a broad range of soils and microclimates, lending each one a different terroir. Anderson Conn Valley Vineyards is just below Howell Mountain, in the Conn Valley at an elevation of approximately 400 feet. Cool air rolls slowly down the mountain and collects in our area, while later in the day, cooler breezes move in from Lake Hennessey, causing a slight slowdown of the ripening process. This 40-acre estate is actually separated from the Napa Valley floor by a north/south ridge providing a unique climate that tends to be two, or even three weeks behind the nearby St. Helena appellation on the growing calendar.

Todd is a former geologist and geophysicist with an understanding of the land, and the chemistry background leading to his first commercial wine in 1987. Of course, it didn’t hurt that he had great friends and mentors such as Robert Mondavi, Louie P. Martini, Joe Heitz, and Justin Meyer. In fact, Justin gave Todd five acres of bud-wood from Silver Oak’s Bonny’s Vineyard to start Conn Valley Vineyards.

At a time when a huge swath of the Napa Valley is owned either by very large corporate interests, or extremely wealthy, but uninvolved proprietors of luxurious, resort and lifestyle wineries, there is still a place such as ours. We’re fortunate that Anderson Conn Valley Vineyards have been family-owned and operated winery since the beginning, and that we have earned the respect of our peers and of the critics alike for classic and classically made Napa wines. Incredibly, ninety percent of all the Conn Valley wines ever reviewed by Robert Parker earned over 90 points, and as high as 98 points. Our current releases are no different.

We’re only nine minutes from St. Helena, CA, and a beautiful short drive off of the Silverado Trail. Contact us today to learn more, and we hope you visit us soon! Come join our wine club and see our cool, mountainside caves holding barrels and bottles of estate wines for you to taste and enjoy.